UAL Soho


  • UAL Soho


  • New York City, USA


  • Brand Identity

  • Website Design

  • Custom Map Design

United American Land (UAL) is a real-estate development, investment and management company, renowned for transformative restorations in Tribeca, Soho, the Flat Iron district and Brooklyn. UAL Soho is the subsidiary company that focuses on Soho, where they are reinventing historic buildings through a particularly curated and inspired approach.


The logo we created provides continuity with the parent company, UAL, while accentuating Soho. The circle symbolizes the connection between the two, as well as the perfection that the company is famous for.


The branding reflects the rich history and tradition of the neighborhood and the company, combining it with the modern sensibility and look of the office buildings. The website design accentuates the cool vibe, exquisite details and state-of-the-art amenities of the buildings, the iconic status of the neighborhood, and most importantly it emphasizes the warmth of the UAL Soho approach both in terms of space transformation and management style.