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The Guild Hotel San Diego is a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, housed in an Armed Services YMCA building from 1924. The hotel opened in 2019, and was immediately celebrated by Forbes for staging the most exciting hotel opening in the U.S. that year.


We designed The GUILD BOOK – an exclusive coffee table book and collector’s item for the hotel’s exquisitely designed and curated rooms, and their most valued guests. The book reflects the luxury boutique character of the hotel, reflecting the astonishing attention to detail, the subtle merger of iconic heritage and modern design, the upscale urban decor, and the homage to urban San Diego. 


Honoring history and iconic architecture through great design and a strong brand narrative

Our design follows the primary brand identity, providing cohesiveness and ensuring continuity with the brand, while providing an exclusive product that honors history, iconic architecture, great design, preservation, photography, and a strong brand narrative.