Sean Heritage


  • Sean Heritage


  • USA


  • Book Design

Sean Heritage is a former Cryptologic Warfare Officer (United States Navy), who made a career in transforming individuals into teams, connecting ideas to opportunity, and ensuring smart creatives reach their potential in a bureaucratic world where they wouldn’t otherwise thrive.


He helps others realize their potential, by connecting the dots as a leader, team-builder, talent magnet, mind stretcher, and multiplier.


His new book, “Connecting the dots”, is about celebrating the lessons of life, enjoying the journey, and making sense of things along the way, because “our quality of life and the value we deliver have everything to do with our ability to deliberately “connect the dots” …”.


Our design for this fascinating book brings its unique aspects to life, through compelling typography, dynamic colors and high-powered layouts. The purpose of our design is to highlight the vibrancy and meaning of the text, enabling the readers to focus on particular titles and quotes – making them memorable also visually – and thus ultimately to help them connect the dots.