Oram Hotels


  • Oram Hotels


  • San Diego, USA


  • Brand Identity

  • Content Creation

  • Website Design

Oram Hotels is a hospitality investment and management company, driven by a passion for hosting and the pursuit of perfection. We were tasked with producing complete branding for the company, starting with the brand identity, logo, unique typography, and going on to content creation, brandbook and website design. 


Our design needed to be both classical and progressive at the same time, simple and powerful simultaneously. To reflect these dichotomies we chose the black and white color palette, with clear and pure bespoke typography, primary geometric elements, and refined aesthetics that mirror the exceptional design of the company’s projects. 


Oram Hotels prides itself on standing apart from the competition and always making a strong impression; our design encapsulates this core quality, echoing meticulous attention to detail, innovative layouts, and refined aesthetics.

Reflecting tradition and progress, through the beauty of striking contrasts, bespoke typography and primary geometric elements.