• Lotusier


  • London, United Kingdom


  • Web Design

  • UI/UX

Lotusier is the world’s first ever tea humidor, created by renowned interior designer Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja.


We were hired with the specific goal of ensuring that the luxury quality of the humidor and its brand identity are reflected through the website, with the same exquisite design, hand-crafted uniqueness, and the brand’s commitment to quality and absolutely refined style.


We designed and developed a custom e-commerce solution for Lotusier, wherein our design ensures continuity with the brand, building upon the original branding, and enhancing the customer experience. Since the Lotusier humidor is defined as a functional objet d’art, our website design strived to capture precisely that dichotomy of function and refined aesthetics. The client was impressed by our dedication and amazing attention to detail, while we were honored to have worked on such a wonderfully rare, sophisticated and truly beautiful project.