Biometric Art Passport



  • Switzerland


  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Collateral

  • Custom Icon Design

  • UI/UX

ARTMYN is a Switzerland-based start-up that designs and produces scanners that capture ultra-high definition fingerprints of artworks. The Biometric Art Passport is the online digital “record” of an artwork. It is an extremely sophisticated product, with a high price-tag, created for a very discerning audience and professional target market. The challenge was to create branding and collateral that would capture the high-tech quality of the product, in combination with the refinement associated with artworks and the art market, as well as the Swiss guarantee of quality, security and privacy.


The Biometric Art Passport is generated from fast high-resolution scanners, which capture an unrivalled level of detail; thus our design incorporates these core principles, mimicking the modus operandi of the scans, their interactive function, the wow effect of this technology, as well as the reliability and authenticity that the passport possesses as an authoritative identity document for artworks.

Design that mimics the precision of the scan, the refinement of artworks, and the trademark of Swiss quality.