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BE MY ARTIST is a unique platform devoted to art patronage in Switzerland, allowing art enthusiasts to commission their favorite artists for the creation of personalized works of art or entire collections.


We were tasked with creating the complete branding and platform design, including logo, website design, brandbook and visual guidelines. The challenge was to recreate the tradition of patronage, the atmosphere of a prestigious gallery and the feel of a museum.


We first created an acronym, BMA, to mirror the great museums of the world. The logo symbolizes the circle of history and tradition, providing a focal point in terms of visual identity. The color palette, with shades of soft white and bronze, reflects the patina and beauty of the platform’s inspiration and purpose. The minimal but profoundly sophisticated design evokes the Swiss origin of the platform, and its dedication to excellence and quality.

Evincing the patina of a noble tradition through profoundly sophisticated design