545 Madison


  • New York City, USA


  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Collateral

545 Madison Ave. is a 17-story office building, originally constructed in 1955, and revamped by Marx Realty for an elite clientele, with their signature transformative style of hotel-meets-office.


We were tasked first with doing a brand exploration for the project, which was so successful that it has influenced the interior design of the building, including the color palette and design elements. The client gave us the incredible honor and privilege of being part of the project from the very beginning, wherein our branding and design has inspired the character of the restoration.


Our branding captures the dichotomous nature of the building, wherein dark and light are juxtaposed to create a stunning visual and aesthetic spectacle, in this high-end one-of-a-kind office building, with the look, feel and personality of a modern, swanky hotel.