10 Grand Central

Interior Design


  • Brand Identity

  • Content Creation

  • Multi-platform Marketing

  • Web Design / UI / UX

10 GRAND CENTRAL is a 35-story Art Deco office tower – the award-winning transformation of one of New York’s iconic buildings into a stunning commercial offering. The building was designed in 1931 by the famous New York architect Ely Jacques Kahn, and reimagined to meet the needs and desires of the modern workplace.


Working with 12 Locks, we were brought in to produce complete branding, positioning and comprehensive brand material, starting from the initial brand positioning and identity, moving onto content creation, multi-platform marketing and web design. One of our tasks is ensuring cohesiveness across all touch-points and platforms, including way-finding, signage, typography inside the building, floorplans, etc.


We chose the color palette that is primarily black and gold as an homage to the 1930’s era in New York, and a powerful reminder of the building’s heritage. We further incorporated Art Deco elements through highlights of emerald, and refined gold accents. Our design emphasizes the lush decor, reminiscent of the most exclusive members-only club, with a modern and fresh mix of materials and textures.

A modern and fresh homage to the iconic 1930s New York style

For the very limited and absolutely prestigious Penthouse Collection, housed at the top of 10 Grand Central, we decided to combine the primary brand identity with a lighter color palette, emphasizing gold as the dominant color, to reflect the luminescent and lavish look of the space, with floor to ceiling glass walls and the spectacle of breathtaking views over Manhattan. Our design simultaneously separates the Penthouse Collection from the main brand and keeps it connected, ensuring continuity between 10 Grand Central and its exclusive collection.